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Our Leadership

Our team are like hosts of the party, we create an enriched environment with engaging activities and invite children to explore. We observe the children and recommend specific activities, refining our suggestions based on what we see, all with the goal of helping each child become their best self and follow their own developmental path.
A lesson at Sage Montessori Preschool on Cape Cod Massachusetts
Ed Stanford, Guide Leader at Sage Montessori Preschool on Cape Cod Massachusetts

Ed Stanford

Guide Leader - founded Sage Montessori in 2021

I love the psychology of young children. What fascinates me is their unique perspective on the world. For instance, a four-year-old's concern isn't necessarily that everyone gets a turn, but rather that they themselves get a turn. I also appreciate how there are no secrets in preschool, and the children will ask me questions such as why I'm bald or why I'm so tall. The feedback I receive is immediate and honest; if a child isn't interested in what I'm presenting, it's obvious, and they don't try to spare my feelings. I enjoy learning about each child's personality and finding ways to help them connect with the world in a way that sparks their interest, whether they're outgoing or introverted, have a passion for math, nature, or music.​I absolutely love it when the children arrive each day.


One of the most rewarding parts of my role is being able to respond to the specific needs of each child as they walk through the door. Even though I may have a plan for the day, I always adjust it according to the reality of their day. I take the time to connect with each child, giving them the warm welcome they deserve. It's a joy to see their high energy, their mood, and their desire to engage in activities. And I always respond with care and attention. Whether a child needs a listening ear, a big cuddle, or a creative outlet, I'm always here to support them in their growth and development.

Our Board of Trustees

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